Are you insecure in life or stressed, then de-stress here!

The main cause of life stress starts as soon as a person joins private jobs.

Can anyone define me the real pleasure of doing a private job?

  • Higher take home salary and good incentive n
  • Now look at the negative impact of it:

You might have heard about an earlier proverb that,“Health is Wealth “so doing a private job just after graduation will  ruin your health via loads of tension ,stress and deadlines.

Stress at Private job

On the week long occasion of, “Happy Friendship day” I bet that most of you might have befriended with all the odds of work culture at work station in a private job but are you justifying your life basics ,”Live Long Live Happy”.

My experience says:

  • Listen to your start
  • Defy the system
  • Do what ever you like and you are the best at
  • There is always a god gifted talent inside everyone

This is the right time to understand and recognize your potentials and listen to your heart and do what ever you are at best at and dont succumb to the pressure stresses of a private ,”24*6″ and, “9 to 6” Job life style.


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